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Demonstrations for Baseball and Fastpitch Pitching and Injuries

  • 10/7/2020 Added curve/slider pronation GIF
  • 11/25/2013 added Jenny Finch GIFs riseball and pitching motion, 95 mph pitch angle
  • 3/25/2011 added Hershiser Drill GIF
  • 2/14/2011 initial post
We have accumulated a list of important demonstrations related to pitching and injuries all in one handy reference.

eFastball.com Baseball Pitching Grips

Steven Ellis, TheCompletePitcher.com Baseball Pitching Grips

Instruction or Drills

Hershiser Pitching Drill
h/t laflippin Youtube

Pitching Grips/ Pronation

Grip and pronation for curve/slider
Curve/Slider Grip/Pronation
(not supinated)

Pitching Angles

95mph pitch swing plane angle

Fastpitch Pitches

Barnhill Riseball Path
This is out of the strike zone

Mythbusters Rising Fastball Myth YouTube [3/2/2011]

Jenny Finch pitching motion

Jenny Finch riseball
Begins to fall 4/5 of way
approx 8 feet away